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Safety is the priority of any reputable mining company since injuries and diseases are common in mines and workers who’re exposed to these. For this reason, all mining companies and employees should focus on these key safety points to ensure minimum health and accident risk during mining:

A Safety Guide for The Mining Industry
A Safety Guide for The Mining Industry

Be careful of flammable gas

Gases are commonly exposed during mining work, especially in coal mines. Ignitable gases under high temperature and exposure to flames and sparks can be deadly, leading to fires, sparks, and explosion as in mines. Rock dusting is a preventive technique, which should be used to reduce this risk. It involves spreading stone dust like limes from around potential gas-filled areas of the mine. Another important step to avoid such situations is having proper water supplies installed within the mines to cool down my temperatures, keep miners cool and hydrated, and also for use in case of any fire or spark emergencies.

Avoid dust inhalation

A common health issue faced by 50% of miners is respiratory problems. Toxic gases are exposed in mines during crushing, extractions, and transport of harmful rocks and materials in and out of the locations, with silica being the most prominent harmful gas. These gases once inhaled can cause acute and chronic respiratory conditions that not only cause breathing problems for miners but also can result in life-long debilitating diseases. All miners should be encouraged to wear the right protective gear, including gas masks. Along with these essentials, workers should also be given regular health evaluations by adept medical staff for preventing and treating any dust exposure and potential health problems.

Have proper ventilation

Since exposure to the dust and gases explained above are such a huge medical risk, an important step that should be taken involves proper installation of ventilation throughout mining locations where the installation is practically feasible. Any improper air circulation within the mines can be catastrophic for miners working already claustrophobic conditions, not to mention the added health problems. Adequate vents, ducts, fans, and circuits of standard quality must be added by hired professionals, who should then follow up with quality control, maintenance and regular checkups for the insurance of work safety.

Get quality transport means

Installation of proper roads and pavements is necessary for mining safety, as well as efficient transport of harmful substances within the working locations. West Tennessee Construction makes the installation process quick and easy by dedicatedly working on on-site evaluation, parking lot repair, and maintenance, infrared asphalt repair, concrete paving, pavement maintenance and quality control, all through totally eco-friendly services and procedures.

Call now and you can add environment-friendly concepts and green solutions into your mining location. Since the company focuses on providing you with a loyal and fully supportive work team. That team keeps you involved throughout the entire pavement installation starting from standard mining location evaluations for faults, solutions cost evaluations, carrying through with the quick, easy and efficient installation of your roads and pavements as per your requirements, and ending with fully regulated future management and checkups.

With West Tennessee Construction, you can get the most feasible roads and pavements now fully constructed for your mining and transport, with quality and safety guaranteed according to the company’s standards and even those of your own. Have all this done while being assured that no added or hidden prices are billed for any extra and futile materials since the company team prides itself on its transparency to maintain a standup work ethic.

Therefore, if you want precision, durability, and quality provided at a great cost, work with West Tennessee Construction to ensure the safety of all miners and colleagues in your company.

Every single year people from all over the world end up losing precious gold items on beaches or even on the streets. Whether you are looking for some extra cash or for huge findings then gold detecting can be something quite nice for you to do. There are thousands of people from all over the globe that find nice precious items thanks to their metal detectors and their gold hunting techniques. If you would like to get in this business either for fun or for cash then this article will help you understand how to begin.

How to find gold underground?

Most people will notice that finding gold underground requests people to actually have a good metal detector. If you are new on this hobby (or even profession for some) then you should not have to worry about spending hundreds of dollars on an over the top metal detector. You can start at the beginning and have a simple yet efficient metal detector that will give you your very first results. As soon as you have your metal detector you can start hunting, which happens to be the most interesting part. The only thing you should keep in mind is that you truly need to have a decent metal detector to be able to find gold underground.

Where to find a good (but not so expensive) metal detector?

This is very easy to answer such question, after all you can find metal detectors on the web today! Apart from specialized stores dedicated to such hobby and passion, you will also find online stores that offer amazing deals. You can find quality metal detectors to go gold hunting for as little as $100 dollars brand new. Of course there are some models that can cost over $1000 dollars, however as a beginner you will not need such a thing. If you would like to find some pretty good metal detectors as well as read some other tips on how to go gold hunting you can access the following link http://www.mytreasuremetaldetector.com/best-metal-detector-for-gold/

Pay attention to details.

metal detector

Having a metal detector is not enough. It is only the first step into gold hunting. You need to have several different techniques, knowledge and a lot of patience in order for you to be truly able to find gold. Before you actually purchase your metal detector it is important for you to see the kind of soil that each metal detector works best at. You should compare such data to the places that you intend to go. If you have a metal detector that is best for sand it might not be the best idea to go gold hunting on the streets. It is very important that you pay attention to every single detail, otherwise you might not have the best results. The more attention you pay, the better. You can find very good awards by simply knowing the basics of your metal detector and also reading a few tips on where you can easily find gold underground.

It is always a wonderful idea to invest in stocks, especially when they are trustworthy and offer little risks for the investor. If you are interested in investing in one of the most reliable stocks then you should definitely pay some extra attention to the Small Cap Canadian Mining Stocks.

These are always growing and offering investors a chance to get better and better with business. Let’s check a top 10 list with the best Small Cap Canadian Mining Stocks available today.

Lake Shore Gold (LSG)

This company brought the production the West Timmins Mine back to life and now it has an operational mill on the second prospective area. This area is called the Bell Creek Complex. The company ranks at the third place when it comes to assets in the Fenn-Gib project.


West Fraser Timber is a Canadian miming and forestry company that is dedicated to finding the best products from nature. This is a wonderful company for investors to pay attention to. Based in British Columbia, this North American company has everything to improve your investments.


Osisko is a Canadian mining company with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It is dedicated to mining and precious metals exploration. It is only operated in Canada and focus on the Abitibi gold belt that is located in the Quebec region.The name was previously known asOsisko Exploration LTD. However in May 2008 the title was changed to Osisko Mining Corp. The company owns around 17.41 million ounces of gold in reserves.

Barrick Gold

This is the largest gold company in the world and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is focused on exploring gold not only in Canada but also in several other countries such as Argentina and Tanzania. It offers wonderful opportunities for the right investors.

Kinross Gold

This Canadian based gold mining company is the right option for those who want a reliable source of gold. The company counts with a revenue of over $4 billion dollars every year. Based in Toronto, this company has everything to continue offering perfect investment options.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this company has a wonderful annual revenue and offers small risk investment opportunities for the right investors. The company does much more than only gold mining, it is also well known for the related activities that include exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation.

Centerra Gold Inc

Based in Toronto, Canada, this company is also a wonderful source of opportunities for investors that do not want to deal with risk. The company was formed and went public in 2004 whenComeco Gold based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan gave its assets away.

biggest gold mining companies

Eldorado Gold

This Canadian company acts as an intermediate gold mining company with assets in several countries including Turkey, China, Greece, Brazil and Romania. Eldorado currently owns and operates 7 big mines and is developing other good projects.

Seabridge Gold

Based in Toronto, Ontario, this great gold company has a great number of mines and is more than ready to help investors have great years.

Detour Gold

Detour Gold Corp. is a Canadian gold mining company that focus mostly on the ramp up of its main asset, the Detour Lake Mine, of the mining-friendly territory of northeastern Ontario.go to http://www.investorsguru.com/Top30SmallCapStocks.html for more details,

Mining companies are long one of the best ways to invest money and to get good profits. Getting the best opportunities and making the best out of your money is simply mandatory when dealing with mining underwriters. You will have different opportunities, especially if you know who to contact and when do to do. Let’s take a look at some tips for you to find the best mining company underwriters and make the best investments possible.

Underwriters: The definition.

Companies or entities that happen to administrate the public issuance and the distribution of the securities from a mining company, (or any other company for that matter),always a have a Underwriter together with the issuing team. The Underwriter closely works with the issuing body of a company, whether it is a mining company or not. This professional is responsible for determining the offering price of the securities and should buy the securities from the issuer and then sell them directly to investors through the underwriter’s distribution and selling network.

Where to find Underwriters?

Whether you are looking for mining company underwriters or any other kind of underwriters it will not be a hard task to actually find them. You will have the opportunity to find famous and well established companies that already have quite the tradition in doing this kind of business with investors such as yourself. It is possible to find great examples such as www.OurINsuranceCanada.com all over the web. This company is one of example, however there are several others on the web that offer amazing opportunities for those who would like to invest and have great results.

How to find the perfect Underwriter company?

There is no direct or even magical answer for this question. It is very important that you, as an investor, or even as a company representative do some thorough research before actually choosing an underwriter. Sometimes appearances are not everything. It is essential to research and know everything about the company that you intend to work with. Of course you can find these companies all over the web these days, however a profile should not be everything for you to choose or not a certain company. The more you know about the company the better, after all you need to have assurances that the company is truly able to offer what they promise to. Take a look at the following tips that will help you choose the right underwriter company.

• Do some research and choose the companies that seem to be trustworthy.

• After you have chosen a few, make sure you to read as much as possible regarding such company.

Colossus Minerals

• Make sure you check whether or not other clients have issues with the company. In case you find too many issues, then make sure not to waste your time with such a company.

• Make sure you call or even visit the company before actually making a decision. It is very important to talk to employees and know who you are dealing with. The more you know the better.

You can find some companies at http://www.linkedin.com/company/imiu-international-mining-industry-underwriters-ltd

Many people feel that gold mining is still a wonderful opportunity to find gold and to get some very good money. If you think the same way then you are more than right. Those who would like to be part of the gold mining world have lots of very good opportunities ahead of them. There are several different ways for you to become part of the gold mining world, and do not worry, you do not have to be a investor or even be a specialist in the field. You can do such activity as an hobby and get real treasures along the way. Are you ready to see the gold shine?

Is it hard to get started? What does it take?

gold miningIt is not hard to start in the gold mining field. You can either go alone or even have a team of friends go along. The more people the higher your chances will be. If you have a group of friends then go ahead, you are likely to find several different good things along the way. One of the most important things for you to become a good professional in the mining world is to not be afraid. There are several different people that seem not to be willing to try new things and if that is your case then mining is definitely not something for you.

Great items to improve your chances.

Differently from the past, today people have several different items, techniques and equipment to help them with gold miming. Those who started a long time ago had it much harder than we do today. There are several different tools that were created by our fellow gold diggers in the past and that are still pretty useful today. It is also possible for us to take advantage of the several different equipment that were created in the last few decades. We have different gold and metal detectors for example, that can help us in several different types of soils. The more we research the better. In case you do not know much regarding metal detectors, it would be a very good idea for you to make some very good research, after all these can help you quite a lot once you are in the business.

Is it expensive to get a metal detector and other equipment that can be helpful?

industrial mining sector

The answer for this question is definitely no. It is more than possible to find high quality equipment and metal detectors for very good prices. Whether you are looking for it on the web or even looking for it in specialized stores, it is always possible to find deals. You can also buy such equipment used, after all, if you are a beginner you might not know if such business is truly something for you. In case you are certain that it is a great option for you then you can invest in more expensive equipment. Today it is possible to begin in the gold mining business with as little as $200 dollars.

Read more at http://www.goldgold.com/the-basics-of-successful-gold-mining-part-1.html

If you are a mining engineer or even a mining engineer enthusiast then you will be very happy to know that there are several different opportunities for you out there. This is one of the most requested professions especially in countries such as the USA and Canada.

Mining2These two countries are the headquarters of dozens of mining companies that can help you be a great professional all over the world.
Although this is a high paying profession it is also a very expensive course and in case you do not have any money to pay it beforehand then you should certainly getting a scholarship. Most engineering courses tend to be very expensive and this one would be no different.

Thankfully, following the USA and Canada’s needs for well qualified professionals, several education institutions provide scholarships that can help students like you not have to deal with debts after the course is finished. Let’s take a look at a few very good scholarship opportunities available!

The University of Utah.

The University of Utah offers several different scholarship options for students who are interested in the mining engineering related careers. There are several scholarship options that are perfect for both graduate and undergraduate students of the field. There are 7 different options today and one is bound to be good for you. Most of the scholarships can be given on an annual basis, which means most students will be able to receive $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000 dollars or more worth in scholarships. Each scholarship has different requirements and deadlines, for more information check the official website.

University of Kentucky of Engineering

Another great university for future mining professionals to get scholarships. This time the University of Kentucky that has an area dedicated for the engineering courses, provides students and students to be the opportunity to get a nice scholarship. This website offers over 50 different types of scholarships and students are more than welcome to apply to more than one at the same time. Of course each scholarship has special criteria and requirements, however as soon as students access the site they will be able to check whether or not the scholarship will be the right one for them. Make sure you access and check all of the options.

Mining engineering program

Virginia tech Scholarships

Another great institution that offers several different types of scholarships for students who are interested in mineral engineering. If that is your case then make sure you go online and take a look at this site as well. They offer different values that are usually around $4000 dollars. The money can be used towards tuition and other school related expenses. You will have the opportunity to save some money while being a student. If you would like to read more about the wonderful opportunities offered by the Virginia Tech institution then go online right now and check their official website at the following address http://www.mining.vt.edu/scholarships/scholarships.htm. Good luck!

If you would like to check more scholarship opportunities access the following link http://www.min-eng.com/students/scholarships/7.html