Top 10 Small Cap Canadian Mining Stocks

It is always a wonderful idea to invest in stocks, especially when they are trustworthy and offer little risks for the investor. If you are interested in investing in one of the most reliable stocks then you should definitely pay some extra attention to the Small Cap Canadian Mining Stocks.

These are always growing and offering investors a chance to get better and better with business. Let’s check a top 10 list with the best Small Cap Canadian Mining Stocks available today.

Lake Shore Gold (LSG)

This company brought the production the West Timmins Mine back to life and now it has an operational mill on the second prospective area. This area is called the Bell Creek Complex. The company ranks at the third place when it comes to assets in the Fenn-Gib project.


West Fraser Timber is a Canadian miming and forestry company that is dedicated to finding the best products from nature. This is a wonderful company for investors to pay attention to. Based in British Columbia, this North American company has everything to improve your investments.


Osisko is a Canadian mining company with its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec. It is dedicated to mining and precious metals exploration. It is only operated in Canada and focus on the Abitibi gold belt that is located in the Quebec region.The name was previously known asOsisko Exploration LTD. However in May 2008 the title was changed to Osisko Mining Corp. The company owns around 17.41 million ounces of gold in reserves.

Barrick Gold

This is the largest gold company in the world and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company is focused on exploring gold not only in Canada but also in several other countries such as Argentina and Tanzania. It offers wonderful opportunities for the right investors.

Kinross Gold

This Canadian based gold mining company is the right option for those who want a reliable source of gold. The company counts with a revenue of over $4 billion dollars every year. Based in Toronto, this company has everything to continue offering perfect investment options.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, this company has a wonderful annual revenue and offers small risk investment opportunities for the right investors. The company does much more than only gold mining, it is also well known for the related activities that include exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation.

Centerra Gold Inc

Based in Toronto, Canada, this company is also a wonderful source of opportunities for investors that do not want to deal with risk. The company was formed and went public in 2004 whenComeco Gold based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan gave its assets away.

biggest gold mining companies

Eldorado Gold

This Canadian company acts as an intermediate gold mining company with assets in several countries including Turkey, China, Greece, Brazil and Romania. Eldorado currently owns and operates 7 big mines and is developing other good projects.

Seabridge Gold

Based in Toronto, Ontario, this great gold company has a great number of mines and is more than ready to help investors have great years.

Detour Gold

Detour Gold Corp. is a Canadian gold mining company that focus mostly on the ramp up of its main asset, the Detour Lake Mine, of the mining-friendly territory of northeastern Ontario.go to for more details,

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