A Safety Guide for The Mining Industry

Safety is the priority of any reputable mining company since injuries and diseases are common in mines and workers who’re exposed to these. For this reason, all mining companies and employees should focus on these key safety points to ensure minimum health and accident risk during mining:

A Safety Guide for The Mining Industry
A Safety Guide for The Mining Industry

Be careful of flammable gas

Gases are commonly exposed during mining work, especially in coal mines. Ignitable gases under high temperature and exposure to flames and sparks can be deadly, leading to fires, sparks, and explosion as in mines. Rock dusting is a preventive technique, which should be used to reduce this risk. It involves spreading stone dust like limes from around potential gas-filled areas of the mine. Another important step to avoid such situations is having proper water supplies installed within the mines to cool down my temperatures, keep miners cool and hydrated, and also for use in case of any fire or spark emergencies.

Avoid dust inhalation

A common health issue faced by 50% of miners is respiratory problems. Toxic gases are exposed in mines during crushing, extractions, and transport of harmful rocks and materials in and out of the locations, with silica being the most prominent harmful gas. These gases once inhaled can cause acute and chronic respiratory conditions that not only cause breathing problems for miners but also can result in life-long debilitating diseases. All miners should be encouraged to wear the right protective gear, including gas masks. Along with these essentials, workers should also be given regular health evaluations by adept medical staff for preventing and treating any dust exposure and potential health problems.

Have proper ventilation

Since exposure to the dust and gases explained above are such a huge medical risk, an important step that should be taken involves proper installation of ventilation throughout mining locations where the installation is practically feasible. Any improper air circulation within the mines can be catastrophic for miners working already claustrophobic conditions, not to mention the added health problems. Adequate vents, ducts, fans, and circuits of standard quality must be added by hired professionals, who should then follow up with quality control, maintenance and regular checkups for the insurance of work safety.

Get quality transport means

Installation of proper roads and pavements is necessary for mining safety, as well as efficient transport of harmful substances within the working locations. West Tennessee Construction makes the installation process quick and easy by dedicatedly working on on-site evaluation, parking lot repair, and maintenance, infrared asphalt repair, concrete paving, pavement maintenance and quality control, all through totally eco-friendly services and procedures.

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