How Miners Can Choose Inflatable Paddle Board

Miners can engage in many fun activities during their free time and that includes paddling. There is something about the waters and that is why it is so much relaxing and revitalizing. Paddling can be done by anyone so long as you have the basics. As much as paddling is fun, it is even more fun with the right paddleboard. With the many paddle boards in the market, it might be overwhelming to choose the right paddleboard. To get the best cheap inflatable paddle board, you have to know the basics. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a paddle board include:

How Miners Can Choose Inflatable Paddle Board
How Miners Can Choose Inflatable Paddle Board


This is such an important consideration to make when looking for an inflatable paddleboard. The right size will all depend on your height and weight. Tall people will need large boards for increased stability while short people need smaller boards since a large board will give them problems in creating a balance. Your weight will also determine the size of paddleboard that will be right for you. If you have lightweight which is somewhere below 140lbs, then you will need a short board. If you are heavy, that is over 140 lbs. you will need a large board.

The size will however also depend on the brand that you are buying and also how you intend to use the board. For example if it is for yoga, you will need a long and wide paddleboard since you will need a large surface area.

Thickness of the board

Many boards have a size that ranges between four to six inches. Thin boards are not as stiff and stable like thick boards. It is however good to keep in mind that the boards will get inflated and when they do they will feel very solid regardless of their size. Normally people with more experience will opt for thicker boards. In as much as the thickness of the board will affect how long it will take the board to inflate, the volume will also have an influence on that.


PSI also known as pounds per square inch is the highest air pressure that can be filled in an inflatable paddleboard. A higher pressure translates to a fuller and stiffer board. If you are heavy weight, you will need a board with high pressure and vice versa. The time taken to inflate an inflatable paddleboard will be influenced by the kind of pump you are using. A hand pump will definitely take longer than an electric pump.

Board surface

The surface boards of paddleboards have different kind of surfaces. There are some that are loaded with special features such as anti-slip traction pads.

Getting the best paddleboard is that easy. The best one will normally depend on an individual and what they are looking for. Just like purchasing any other thing, research and comparison is very easy. In most cases the store where you will do your purchase will advise you accordingly.