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Personal fitness is incredibly important for mine workers because being unfit affects your work performance, is dangerous to your personal health and can lead to injury when you are physically not capable of certain tasks.  A lot of mines take physical fitness very serious.  They do annual fitness and personal evaluations to see if all of their employees are still fit and healthy enough to do the tasks.  New recruits also have to do a physical fitness test to qualify for a position to help mines eliminate problems arising from bad health.  This might seem a bit extreme but is actually good for you in person because these rules encourage you to work out regularly, watch what you eat and be healthier in general.  If you don’t have gym buddy then don’t fret because there is no reason why you should work out alone when you have good companionship of your doggy on long cardio runs.

The Best Pooch Gear for Staying Fit for Mine Work with Your Dog

Get visibility gear for your dog

A lot of motorists don’t pay good attention to the road.  They hardly spot cyclist and runners so how will they possibly spot your dog if it gets loose from the leash?  Yippr Pet Supplies created the perfect leash and collar to help increase your dog’s visibility.  These leashes and collars are infused with LED lighting that has four settings that includes off, solid, slow flash and quick flash.  The battery power of these safety essentials will last up to seven hours and you can easily recharge the lights by simply plugging your collar and leash into a USB port.  It is also the perfect running gear for your dog because these items are weatherproof and will keep shining brightly even through the wind, rain and snow. Visit https://www.yippr.com/collections/led-dog-leashes/products/premium-led-dog-leash-lighted-dog-leads-by-yippr to have a look at the Yippr dog leashes.

Keep your dog refreshed on the way

A lot of pet lovers forget that their pooches also get thirsty during tough workouts.  Usually they end up trying to use their hands as a mini cup for their dogs while they pour from their water bottles.  The collapsible dog travel bowls by Yippr are perfect for jogging with your dog because the soft silicone bowl compresses into a flat disk that can easily fit into your pocket.  When your dog gets thirsty after a long run you can simply flip the bowl open and pour in one and a half cup’s worth of water to quench your dog’s thirst.

Doggy backpack

A doggy backpack will enable your dog to carry his own water while the two of you hit the road.  This keeps your hands free and gives your dog that bit of extra exercise.  Just be careful when selecting a doggy backpack because too much weight will exhaust your pet and an overly large backpack could lead to overheating when your dog cannot cool down with a breeze.

Doggy jacket

If you are jogging on chilly winter mornings then a doggy jacket will keep your furry friend nice and warm so he will be much more enthusiastic to accompany you on workouts.