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You may have heard that you don’t have to floss all your teeth, just the ones you want to keep. We understand that when you are spending a lot of your time in a mining environment your food choices, and perhaps your dental health, can be less than optimal. Developing good dental health habits will help keep you healthy so that you can make more money in your mining endeavors.

dr. Kareem, whose education comes from both Egypt and the University of British Columbia, is an excellent option if you are looking for dental advice and help. He has a deep passion for several different aspects of dentistry. And, he is a wealth of knowledge given his extensive experience and ever expanding devotion to learning.

But if you already have a dental professional you see regularly, then we suggest you spend more time focusing on these reasons to care for your teeth.

What Miners Need to Know About Caring for Their Teeth
What Miners Need to Know About Caring for Their Teeth

Top Reasons to Care for Your Teeth

While it might be tempting, after a long day in the mines, to simply fall into bed, don’t negate brushing and flossing. Adhering to these healthy habits will ensure that you have gums and teeth in optimum health. Therefore, here are the top reasons to care for your teeth:

  • Save Money: We all know that you got into the mining industry as a pursuit of money and wealth. We understand that you have been working hard to determine the most lucrative aspects of the mining industry. So, if that is your goal, then you need to realize that taking care of your teeth can actually save you money in the long run. When you put off flossing and brushing, you invite decay in and that can spread to multiple teeth. Which, if you are unaware, could cost you a ton! Learn more about saving money on dental health.
  • Avoid Pain: Mining often exposes you to a plethora of harsh substances. These chemicals can cause you serious pain the longer you are exposed to them. Knowing that, it would make sense to want to limit any other potential cause of pain. If you don’t care for your teeth, the plaque will build up and turn into tartar. Tartar attracts bacteria and leads to gum disease and tooth decay. And, that can be incredibly painful.
  • Protect Your Smile: When you are not covered in mining debris, you probably want to look your best. Caring for your teeth properly will enable you to maintain that winning smile. And, if you are ever going to be involved in some activity with the potential to break your teeth, be sure to wear a mouth guard. Click this for additional information.
  • Early Detection: If you participate in regular dental cleanings, then you will have the ability to detect potential problems within the time necessary to correct them. The longer you go without a thorough cleaning, the more at risk you put your teeth and your overall health. Scheduling an appointment with your dental care provider regularly is highly advisable to ensure that any possible issues can be quickly identified and rectified.

Now that you understand some of the reasons it is essential to care for your teeth, we’d like to inform you that your teeth have a greater impact on your overall health than you probably realize. In fact, we suggest you read this about dental health and its connection to heart disease and other ailments.

Mining is indeed one of the most perilous jobs. The workers in this industry require a lot of hard work and muscles strength. It might affect the productivity level of a worker if his body is not getting what it needs. It is demanding at the same time since miners are supposed to stay on site for weeks and have to eat what’s on the menu. Moreover, the quality of food is not good available on campsites. As a miner, you should not pass over your nutritional needs. You need to put attention on what you are taking in each meal. Here is what you can do to fulfill your nutritional needs.

How Can Miners Fulfil Their Nutritional Needs When at Work?
How Can Miners Fulfil Their Nutritional Needs When at Work?

Develop a meal plan

You don’t have to go with what is on the menu because what you eat on a regular basis affect your performance. Devise your own meal plan that contains all the food items rich in nutrition. The ingestion of nutrition like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and all other should be balanced.

You need to put more attention on the amount of protein you regularly take as it is vital for muscle building. If your everyday meal fails to provide enough of this, you should keep a container of protein powder at your disposal. It supplies all necessary amino acids that your body needs to function properly. These supplements are often talked about as something taken by bodybuilders, but these are not just for them. Individuals can use it to balance the amount of protein in their body.

Isopure Protein Powder is one of the best available on the market. They ensure its purity as it goes through various purification processes to provide users with the best of its form. It is great for developing as well as repairing muscles. One thing here to take notice is that it is only for muscle building and weight gain. You should not be using it if you are on the mission of losing weight. This whey protein powder comes in a bundle of flavors. You can get your favorite one. It tastes great if mixed with coffee.

The following list of meals would help you get a balanced and healthy diet:

  • Breakfast:

This is the most vital of three regular meals. Breakfast time is great to take lots of carbohydrates before you go on-site and start work. It should be 100% healthy and low in fat. Some healthy stuff you can have for breakfast are:

  1. Porridge is rich in protein and carbohydrates, and it lifts your energy level. You can tale avocado or peach porridge.
  2. Watercress smoothie scrambled egg, and Gluten-free protein balls also work great for energy enhancement.
  • Lunch:

You don’t need to head to the local deli and grab a bag of chips or some other unhealthy food. Get something full of healthy protein such as a Tuscan Tuna Wrap or a chicken or turkey sandwich. A chicken club Panini can be an option depending on eating choices. Except for this, chicken fillets with brown rice are full of basic nutrition.

  • Dinner:

A nice combination of carbohydrates and protein, work wonders for dinner. Your dietary requirement should be fulfilled with this as the type of your work is intense. The sufficient meal ensures you do your work without dealing with health issues. You can have pan roasted salmon, steak and brown rice, vegetable curry, grilled chicken breasts with some sauce, or Almond-crusted halibut are some options that give your body everything it needs. The snacks you take during night shifts shouldn’t be unhealthy.

Mining is a dreary and overly demanding job with long hours of work, which is why relaxing in between shifts, or small breaks that miners get, is imperative. It is important for mental as well as physical health of miners. While during holidays, you can go on vacations or relax in your bed all day long how are you supposed to relax once you are mentally and physically tired and still have to work for a couple more hours? Well, you do not have to worry. There are a few ways to adopt during your break, to relax.

These methods are:

  • Yoga:

There are different types of yoga. You can do yoga for weight loss, for increasing your height, for getting a flexible body, etc. Similarly, there is yoga to release stress and anxiety. You can learn these yoga steps and repeat them during your break. This helps you keep your sanity and helps you release all the stress that has accommodated all day long.

You can find a nice quiet spot in the fresh air and meditate there. Meditation is one of the most popular branches of yoga that helps in relaxing the body and mind and gives you a positive attitude towards life.

  • Stretching:

Have you seen cats and dogs stretching the numbness and tiredness of the body out? It is of animal and human nature, all folks tend to stretch their tired muscles out. So if you stretch your muscles during your break or even while working, you can feel relaxed.

For a full body stretch, you can start from your neck muscles; go through your shoulder, back, chest, lower back, hips, thighs, calves and then ankles. Doing that you can stretch all the muscles of the body, and avert tiredness.

  • Deep breathing:

In the mines, the air tends to get stale, as mines are very deep in the ground. The lack of oxygen in the body makes the miners anxious and tired. Going into the fresh air and taking deep breaths for two to three minutes can help you regain the levels of oxygen in your body. This way you can release the anxiety and stress.

Fresh air and nature will always be your companion when you want to get rid of the stress and anxiety caused by work.

  • Quick nap:

By research and studies, it has been proven that a twenty or forty minute nap can help you revive your mental and physical strength. Therefore, a small nap in your break can help you a lot.

How Can Miners Relax In-Between Shifts?
How Can Miners Relax In-Between Shifts?

You must be wondering, ‘how on earth am I supposed to get a bed at work?’ Well, we have that worked out for you as well. You can get a camping hammock for yourself and set it up in open air for some quick refreshing nap. To find the best hammock that suits your needs you can refer to the Hammock lab.

Some kinds of hammocks that can fulfill your needs are:

  • Parachute Nylon singles:

These hammocks are perfect for a single person and are extremely durable and stretchable. They give you the perfect comfort.

  • Parachute Nylon double:

These hammocks have the same qualities as Parachute Nylon singles, but they are wider. They are basically, they are made for seating two people, but a single person can sleep on it. You don’t have exposed feet in this hammock while in Nylon singles you do.

  • Ultra-light models:

These hammocks as the name suggests are very light and can be transported with you to any place. They are portable and can be set up in any place you want. So, this one is good for you if you want to keep changing your napping places.

Working in a mining sector is a very impressive work. We all are familiar with the proverb, “All that glitters is not gold”. The mining industry may look very appealing, and people love to explore. However, it comes with life threatening risks and activities. Several of us read in newspapers about the fatal accidents occurring in different mines all around the world. We cannot know when our luck turns into bad luck and leaves us in the trap of death. Although nothing is in our hands, yet we can reduce the risks by taking precautionary measures.

Mining Industry: How to be Safe?

Try these tips that can reduce mining accidents, risks and will help you to be safe.

  • Be Careful All The Time:

When you step in the mining industry, you take the risk with you. To be safe, you must have the complete knowledge about all of the types of accidents which could occur and what can be the side effects. You have to be very careful in every step you take. Look out for yourself and your fellow workers as well. If you feel even a slight danger then don’t ignore it (considering it minor) as it may lead to a disaster.

  • Take Proper Training:

Before entering the mine, you must have complete knowledge about your work. Not only this but information about the risks and the safety measures. Taking a proper training will help you in detecting the dangers beforehand and the counter activities to prevent the damage.

  • Wear Safety Equipment:

Providing the safety equipment to the workers is solely the responsibility of the organization. In case if they have not provided you any, you must ask them or get your own. Never enter the mine without wearing your safety kit. The tools include helmets, goggles, gloves, safety boots and best hair clippers so that your hair won’t disturb you while working. You have heard or seen various accidents where the people are saved due to their safety kits.

  • Do Proper Planning And Communicate:

Doing the dangerous tasks always require proper planning and training. You cannot just start working without proper plan and guidelines. Mining work requires proper dedication. An individual cannot do everything on his own. There must be communication between all the employees so that if there is any mishap or threat, the others can know immediately and take precautionary measures.

  • Supervise The Team:

Numerous accidents and disasters can be prevented if you lead your team correctly. You must be strict for their safety and ensure that no one disobeys the order. Everyone must be informed beforehand and the supervisor must be aware of every step taken by the team members. Furthermore, no one must be allowed at a particular place other than the advised or assigned workers.

  • Adopt Latest Safety Methods And Equipment:

When you are working in mine industry, you must be up-to-date according to the new safety guidelines and latest technologies. Various accidents happen because of the old methods and equipment. Due to this, several people suffer from severe injuries, and some even lost their lives in such incidents.

Documenting the safety guidelines and the possible risks and their prevention plan will help in making your mining career safer and trouble free.

These tips cannot stop the accidents occurring entirely. However, they can provide you a chance to safe yourself from the misfortunes.

Mining is tough work, no doubt about that! But even miners find themselves with a little bit of extra time on their hands and no idea of what to do with that time. if you want to do something productive with your free time and earn some money out of it as well, here are a few ideas that could help!

6 Side Job Ideas for Miners

  1. Consult/Coach

Do you have a particular skill-set? It could be anything from sharing legal advice, advising organizations on the most proficient method to become eco-friendlier, or helping new businesses on the most proficient method to get off the ground. Counseling or training can be a lucrative side business since it's simple and easy to begin with, since you as of now have the learning and experience. What's more, you can set up your own timetable with the goal that you can offer your counseling services at whatever point you have the available time.

  1. Freelancing

Another adaptable side gig that doesn't require long haul duties is turning into a freelancer. This could be anything from writing content or designing a logo to recording a voice-over or turning into a virtual assistant, it just relies on upon your interests and abilities. Best of all? There's no deficiency of websites and online freelancing platforms! Everyday thousands of jobs are posted!

  1. Take advantage of Your Vehicle

In the event that you own a vehicle then profit by it by renting it out at whatever point you're not utilizing it through locales like Turo and Getaround. On the off chance that you need to keep your keys, then you can turn into a driver for either Uber or Lyft. Contingent upon where you live, you might have the capacity to procure $35 every hour. One last alternative is enroll your car as an airport transfer vehicle and take individuals to and from the airport.

  1. Sell Items Online

One of the most effortless ways you can profit as an afterthought is by selling the stuff that you officially possess. You realize that stuff that is stifling you by stopping up your garage and storerooms. On account of sites, for example, eBay, Craigslist, Gazelle, and Wallop, you can offer those things consuming up room in your home without visiting a second hand store.

In any case, what happens when you come up short on things to sell? You could offer to sell other individuals' things, yet it's not out of the question that you give them a cut. So you may not profit going that course. You can, in any case, share in drop shipping.

With dropshipping you sell new things for a maker or merchant on sites, for example, eBay. Once the thing has been sold, the organization delivers the item from their stockroom. You get a percentage of the deal, and you don't need to store anything or visit the mail station.

  1. Acting

If you’re good at rehearsing lines and delivering dialogues, then acting might be suitable for you. Begin by signing up for auditions for nearby theatre shows. Who knows, if you perform well, you might end up becoming a full time actor like Stephen Collins and make your way to national television and even movies!

  1. Affiliate Marketing

A few people have brought home the bacon through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, for the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea, is the place you plug an item or service on your site. You'll put a connection with a special code on your site and if a guest snaps that connection and makes a buy, you'll get profit from it.

They say that there is more than one way to skin a cat. Well, what if I told you that there is also more than one way to make money from mines than just working for a mine?   If there aren’t opportunities or available mining positions for you then perhaps a different approach like creating a contracting company can still enable you to make money from the mines even though you aren’t directly employed on the mine.

Contract Your Cleaning Services to Mines

Why choose cleaning contracting?

Everyone needs a good cleaner every now and then, especially the mines because these are the locations where the most dust, dirt and grime drifts around in the air to settle in offices, lounges, bathrooms and tea rooms.  This means that you are very likely to get a good contract for a cleaning company since there is always cleaning that needs to be done.  It is also one of the easiest companies to start and you don’t need a lot of cash to buy the cleaning gear you will need.

A vacuum that has to be part of your cleaning gear

The Bissell 1785A CrossWave is one of the best vacuums to get for your company because this vacuum is durable and will enable you to clean a lot quicker and more effectively.  This vacuum can suck up dirt and dog hair and deep wash floors and carpets at the same time because it has a two-tank system.  One tank contains clean soapy water and the other is for sucking up the dirty water that has already done its job on the floor.  With the two tank system any surface you clean is cleaned to perfection. You can also use this vacuum as a normal dry vacuum and different vacuum brush rolls enables you to clean more effectively on different surfaces such as tiles, carpets and even tough surfaces.

Other gear you will need

Of course you will need a lot of other cleaning gear when you are starting this cleaning contracting business. Other gear like a pressure washer can help you land that contract when you can also clear the outsides of buildings and wash off pavers, slabs and work floors.  The most expensive part of your business is probably going to be your vehicle.  You will need a good sprinter van in which you can load all of the cleaning gear or transport staff if you are providing services in different workshops or different mine locations. And then you will also need to get a lot of other cleaning utensils and get acquainted with a good cleaning product company that can give you good discounts on cleaning agents.

You will need good staff

You are probably considering starting this company to benefit yourself but in the end you will be benefiting a lot of other people as well because a mine is just too big for one person to clean alone.  You will also need a good team of experienced cleaners that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Be careful when selecting your team because contracting companies always have to give their best to ensure that their contracts get extended by the end of the year.

If you are working in the mines you will understand the importance of keeping your work area clean and maintained. The same rule applies if you are employed at a mining office. It is general knowledge that most mining offices are in a state with files and paperwork everywhere. There are a few reasons why you should keep your work area in order. It is a known fact that your clients will visit the offices and that will be the first impression that they get of the company that you are employed at.  To keep up professional appearances your boss will really appreciate the effort that you make to keep the office clean. Click here for tips on spring-cleaning.

Reasons why you should keep your work area clean

If you have a co-worker that keeps an untidy and unorganized desk you will understand the frustration in having to look at it every day when you go to work. Office supplies, paperwork and dirty coffee cups is the last thing you want to see when you start your first day. The idea is to get the ball rolling by organizing a spring-clean at the office. Have a chat with your manager and find out if he will invest in a good vacuum cleaner, washer combo like the Bissel 1785A CrossWave for the perfect tool to start cleaning the office. With a combo machine like this you will easily be able to get stubborn stains out of the carpets and chairs.

It is important to keep the office clean and without clutter and if you don’t have an office cleaner it will be up to you and the rest of the staff to get involved and get busy. Take time out to chat to your boss and arrange one day in two weeks for cleaning. It should be mentioned that your personal image is also judged by the cleanliness of your desk. If you can’t keep that clear and tidy your clients might wonder how you can handle their accounts. Your boss should be completely supportive if he realizes that the company image is also at stake by portraying a dirty and untidy image.

Another very important reason to keep your workspace clean is for health purposes. Dirty dishes are unsanitary and dust can really aggravate your sinusitis and chest. Click here to read more about the health dangers of dust. It is said that workplace illnesses are also caused by germs in the workplace which means less days off at work if the office is clean and hygienic. By safely storing cables you also avoid the chance of an accident that might happen. Occupational health and safety requires the office space to be safe for everyone and major lawsuits can be avoided by keeping walking spaces clear. Your company wouldn’t want to have to deal with the implications of a client getting hurt on your premises. This is a little effort that will really go a long way and everyone will join in after they see the benefit of a clean working area.

Working in a mine probably drastically reduces your life expectancy anyway. After all, there is the chance that you are inhaling toxic fumes every time you are deep down in the mine. Add to that the fact that you are getting less Vitamin D than you should, because you spend most your time far away from the sun. That means that your body will be more prone to osteoporosis due to its inability to absorb the calcium you need. So, Miners, try these ways to live longer.

Miners, Try These Ways to Live Longer

The first thing you need to do is kick the habit with hypnosis. There is no reason for you to add even more toxins to your body. Drop that disgusting smoking habit now. You can change that pattern of smoking into something far more productive. A hypnotist can create an aversion to smoking that will help you walk away from that life deterrent quicker than most other cessation tools. Getting rid of that problem is certainly one way to boost your potential for a longer life. Keep reading to learn some more tips.

Beating the Men Killers

There are things that cause greater damage to the lives of men than those of women. So, if one wants to learn how to live longer, it makes sense that he should know what he’s up against. The tips on this list will help with beating the men killers that aren’t just inclusive of those of you in the mining industry. Read these ways to fight:

  • High Blood Pressure- Studies show that replacing some of your calories from carbs (about 8%) with more red meat can lower your systolic blood pressure. And, it will only take about 8 weeks to see an improvement. Learn more.
  • Heart Issues- You can reduce your heart disease risks by more than 30% if you will start eating more dairy. In fact, the research suggests that you should have three or more servings every day.
  • Lose Weight- Even though you are probably doing a lot of manual labor, losing weight might be advisable. And, you can do that over the phone. Using a telephone based weight loss program has proven to be quite successful for lots of people.
  • Colon- Surely you have heard about all the issues men have with their colons. Well, Harvard’s medical school discovered that two or more cups of coffee (the decaf kind) can cut your chances of experiencing colon cancer by more than 50 percent! Read this.
  • Prostate- Start enjoying baby carrots, or pumpkin pie, you pick. Apparently eating these things daily will cut your risks of prostate cancer in half. Add some whip cream to that scrumptious pie to help your body absorb the beneficial beta-carotene that you need.
  • Stroke- You may like vegetables and fruits, but if you can learn to love them enough to eat three helpings a day, you could fight the potential of experiencing a stroke by nearly 20 percent. And by the way, smoothies make great substitutions if you don’t have time to eat your veggies.
  • Depression- Being down in that dark mine all the time will surely play on your emotions. It’s important to ensure that you get some exposure to the sun. In fact, get some exercise out doors and watch as that depressive mood begins to wane.

If you want to learn more about getting healthy to live longer, read this.

Mining is known to be one of the oldest economic activities embraced by a man going as long as history runs. However, modernization has led to the discovery of other professionals and miners are not regarded with much esteem in comparison to other professionals like pilots.

In spite of this, miners should not get stressed anytime they are invited to a party, or they are attending a night out with friends. As such, miners are also entitled to dressing for the occasion and looking exceptional for any event just like their job.

It is for these reasons miners should embrace fashion precisely smart casuals. Choosing this direction for any occasion gives miners a chance of getting smart in their skin since they are not office people. As such, the following simple steps looked into below gives miners the chance of choosing the best.

Miners and smart casuals

Step One: Gathering the basics

It is important for you as a miner to give any occasion you are attending the seriousness it deserves concerning dressing, to avoid feeling out of place. As such, prior attending the function you should get to know the levels of formality and maybe how long the event will eat into the night to caution yourself against cold. On getting the facts right, you can choose to add the following to your choice of smart casual.

  • For both ladies and gents, it would be appropriate to put on a casual blazer for the evening to break the norm of wearing a sweater. A fitting blazer will have a way of refining your outfit in a respectable and fashionable way.
  • Next online, choose to put on shoes that give you maximum comfort to avoid fidgeting while all the attendees will be having the fun of their life. The shoes could range from sneakers to loafers for the gents, while for ladies you can choose to have heels that you are comfortable dancing and walking around.
  • Lastly, decide to have a nice casual shirt for the occasion and a pair of chino trousers. Chino’s give you the freedom of choosing a fitting trouser and does not restrict you on the color, as they come in various colors. While for the shirts you could opt to have either a long or a short sleeve shirt depending on your preference.

Step Two: Judging the occasion

After getting the facts right, the extent of the smart casual varies depending on the crowd you are likely to meet at the party. For instance, choosing the right outfit for a night out with friends is different from attending a company’s end of year party where your bosses will be in attendance. Hence, think of the crowd and the image you want to leave in the minds of the people you will meet at the function.

Step Three: Dressing up or down concerning the items of clothing

Choosing to wear a blazer for that night out with friends could be an excellent choice, but lead to overdressing for the occasion. Overdressing comes into play when you fail to factor in prevailing weather conditions or other items you choose to wear for the occasion. Thus, make your judgment right for the occasion you are likely to attend for that stunning look.

On the other hand, make a choice of clothes that do not reveal much of your skin, especially for the ladies, or dressing in a way that exposes to so much cold. Consequently, choose the right fit for the clothes you decide to wear to avoid the two blunders.

Step Four: Customizing your look

As it is important to get the right clothes for the occasion, it is equally important to customize your look. For instance, you can choose to wrap a scarf around your neck if the weather is chilly. Nothing speaks of your character loud enough than your choice of clothes. Thus it is important to ensure they communicate the right message. You can only achieve this by getting the right matching colors and careful choice of clothes.

Mining is challenging work. It can require early mornings and long days and then, when you get home, you need to manage the needs of your family. And somewhere throughout all of that, you are supposed to find time for yourself.

How Miners Keep Their Energy Levels Up All Day Long

Finding ways to keep your energy levels up so that you can maintain focus and think clearly are critical to your day-to-day. So, how does a busy miner find ways to keep themselves going all day long? By using some of the tips below!

Get Enough Sleep

It’s common for miners who work full time and have families to cut back on sleep in order to meet other obligations. And, while this may be okay from time to time, it isn’t something that should be used as a long-term solution. Most experts agree that adults should be getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night to maintain proper health. Otherwise, you may be struggling to focus and experience decreased cognitive function throughout the day.

Finding other options for finding the time you need isn’t easy, but sleeping too little isn’t the solution. If you go to work tired, you are more likely to make mistakes, and it could take you longer to get tasks done. Additionally, you may be putting yourself or your coworkers in danger depending on exactly what your job requires. In the end, it simply isn’t worth it.

Focus on Nutrition

Eating right can help you stay healthy and ensures that your body has everything it needs to make it through long days at work with some energy to spare. Healthy eating habits make it easier to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals while ensuring you also consume enough protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to sustain your activities. It also lowers your risk of developing some chronic diseases and may make maintaining a healthy weight easier too.

Drink Water

It isn’t always easy to remember to drink enough water throughout the day. However, failing to meet your needs can lead to dehydration, which may leave you feeling foggy, irritable, and sluggish. In most cases, you want to drink at least 9 cups of water a day if you are a woman or 11 cups a day if you are a man. However, you should increase those amounts if your job keeps you active all day or if you live in a warm climate.

When in doubt, if you find yourself feeling thirsty or hungry, start by drinking a glass of water. Water will certainly manage your thirst, and sometimes hunger is actually a sign that you need fluids and not necessarily food. If you are still hungry after the glass of water, feel free to eat a meal or healthy snack, too.

Choose Supplements

In some cases, your body just needs an extra boost to keep things going, so adding a supplement may not be a bad idea. Basic multivitamins can help ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy, while certain specialty options can help with energy levels and more.

For example, a nootropic stack may help improve memory function and increase your attention span. You might also experience an improvement in your mood or even an increased metabolism. Different nootropic supplements have different benefits, so make sure to choose a formula that meets your individual needs.