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If you ever worked the mines during a night shift in the midst of winter then you are probably familiar with that painstakingly stiff back, those aching legs and joints and those numb fingers and toes that won’t seem to heat up no matter how long you snuggle up in bed.  Instead of spending hours trying to warm up after a chilly nightshift try a quick DIY home spa session before hitting the covers. You will be absolutely amazed at the relaxing sleep you will enjoy and the vitalized feeling you will experience once you wake up again by just putting in a little bit of extra effort in your after work pampering session.

Tips for A DIY Home Spa Session after a Chilly Night on the Mines

What you will need for a DIY spa session

Take some extra time to gather everything you will need for your DIY pamper session so you won’t have to rush out into the cold air to get something while you are enjoying some relax time in the tub. Here is a basic list of everything you will need;

  • Hair mask
  • Hot health coco
  • Mud mask
  • Bath bomb
  • Body bath
  • Scented candles
  • Body butter
  • Warm towels
  • Warm cozy pajamas

Prepare your drink while you run your tub

A hot low fat coco is the perfect drink to enjoy while you enjoy your soak in the tub.  Prepare the perfect drink and get all of your things ready while you fill the tub with warm water.

Set the mood in your bathroom

Certain aromas helps to relax your body and setting the right spa mood in your bathroom will help you relax after a stressful day.  Light some candles, add some fizzy bath bombs or bath salts and flower petals to your tub before you slide in.

Enjoy a long, warm soak

Massage your hair mask thoroughly into your scalp and put on your mud mask. Now it is time to enjoy a long and warm soak while you sip your hot coco. When you feel refreshed, calmed and warm you can enjoy a luxury bath with some deliciously fragranced body bath.

Towel dry properly

Towel dry your body using a hot towel.  A towel warmer is a terrific investment for nightshift workers because you will always have warm towels and warm clothing available to you which will help you beat the chill and stay healthier despite the chilly winter.  Check out some towel warmer reviews to learn more about these terrific home devices that is bound to give you the ultimate spa experience at home.

Massage your body as you butter

Massage your legs, arms, shoulders and neck as you add body butter to your skin.  Body butter is terrific for winter skin and also helps to seal in your body’s temperature so you will stay warm and snug for your entire nap.

Dress up and go to bed

Take your pajamas out of the towel warmer and dress nice and snug before heading straight to bed and into dreamland so you can relax and be refreshed for tomorrow night’s shift.