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In case you didn’t know, stress contributes to your potential to develop heart disease. And, mining can be an incredibly stressful job. We don’t want you to become ill. So, we decided to give you some tips on preventing cardiovascular disease as a miner. Your family will be glad we did.

We suggest that you utilize True Health Diagnostics. Their expert technicians operate in a state of the art lab and are prepared to provide early diagnosis of heart disease, diabetes, genetic disorders, and other metabolic complications. They are geared to detect, manage, and even prevent the development of some of these issues. Their revelations in the health world can help aggressively intervene in the progress of microvascular and macrovascular damage if detected early enough. As a stressed out miner, you need all the help you can get.

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease as a Miner

Steps to Keeping Your Heart Healthy

No one else can take better care of your body and its inner functions than you. As much as your spouse may nag and your kids may beg, it is ultimately up to you. And, since you understand better than anyone else, how stressful mining is, we suggest you take these steps to keeping your heart healthy:

  1. Be responsible- We alluded to this already. American’s see 34% of deaths related to cardiovascular disease. So, be responsible for your health by getting informed. Ignorance and bad information are a great risk.
  2. Risks- Speaking of risks and being informed, you need to know what the risks are. Age is the greatest factor, but so is genetic make-up. If you have had family members affected by heart disease, diabetes, or stroke, then your risk potential is greater than those without that genetic design. Read this.
  3. Smoke- Whether you are the one puffing away, or simply inhaling someone else’s smoke, you will see an increase in potential for heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, and lung disease. The answer is clear, don’t smoke or hang out with people who do.
  4. Blood pressure- Hypertension is often referred to as the silent killer. It’s high blood pressure, and causes a good deal of wear and tear on your blood vessel’s inner linings. And, the higher your blood pressure, the greater your risk. Specifically, the risk begins when you hit 115/70mmHg and it doubles for every 10mmHG systolic and 5mmHg diastolic increase.
  5. Cholesterol- If you’ve got a lot of fat (blood lipids) in your blood, you’ll find that your chances for cardiovascular disease are increased. If you LDL is low and your HDL is high, you will be better off. Diet is an excellent therapy to get your cholesterol in check.
  6. Calories- Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s time to limit the calories, and don’t try to do it with a fad diet. And, if you have diabetes, your risk escalates to that of someone who’s already had a heart attack. Abdominal obesity is a major contributor too. Consider drinking slim and applying portion control.
  7. Exercise- Surely you knew we couldn’t finish this list without suggesting that you exercise. Americans have become particularly sedentary and while you may do a lot of moving around as a miner, it is probably still not enough to help prevent heart disease. Get active. Learn more.

If you need some additional advice, you can finish the suggestions here.