Mining Health Hazards You Should Know

Mining is considered as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is now outranked over industrial fishing, roofing, as well as aircraft related jobs. The awareness for the prevention of accidents in mines is increasing, however, several workers still do not get the best safety. Organizations like Foundation for the defense of democracies are struggling day and night for providing the safety to each and every individual.

They make companies comply with the international standards of health and safety like OHSAS and clearly state that no one should be discriminated on any basis in any professional field.  As a consequence, workers are getting the job security, as well as miners, are getting rights and regulations to avert various accidents.

Mining Health Hazards You Should Know

However, it is still not in the pink; mining is still considered as one of the insalubrious jobs in the world. It causes a lot of physical and mental damage for workers. Under several petitions, it is stated that mining is harmful yet it is not perilous.

Miners still are constantly on the verge of dying from explosions, demolitions, as well as by equipment accidents.  If not any of these, then the natural working conditions follow up on their slow health deterioration and eventual death. Read further to get to know the health risks miners face unknowingly every day up at work.

  1. Inhaling Of Dust And Fumes:

Drilling and blasting accumulate very fine particles which miners usually inhale while working. That dust is not a regular dust, it contains excessive amounts of crystalline silica which leads to a lung disease called pneumoconiosis. If someone gets Pneumoconiosis his lungs get weak and stop functioning properly. It is a treatable stage, however, its later stages called silicosis and fibrosis are untreatable.

Miners inhale Radon as well. It’s a colorless and odorless gas associated with several kinds of lung cancers. Furthermore, inhaling welding fumes comprises of vaporized molten metal leading to lung irritation, poisoning and pneumoconiosis as well. Methane gas not only harms the lungs of a miner but, it can lead to extremely bad conditions. Hence, it’s one of the most dangerous gasses to be around.

  1. Surrounded By Mercury:

Mercury is a heavy metal present in most of the mines of the world. Miners tend to inhale, absorb, or swallow mercury through their skin. Mercury is so poisoning that even a little exposure to a small quantity of mercury can lead to death if left untreated. Symptoms that are generally ignored by miners include weakness, mouth ulcers, weak oral hygiene, tremors, nausea, abdominal pain, severe headaches, diarrhea, and weakness of heart.

  1. Noise:

Mining is a noisy process executed in a confined area. It produces an unfiltered type of noise and that is extremely dangerous for our ears. Temporary or permanent hearing loss has been experienced along with an extremely sensitivity to ears and eardrum ruptures. In some cases, that noise also interferes in communicating clearly while mining. The noise is generally produced by heavy drills, crushers, engines, and other heavy machines.

  1. Skin Risks:

There are numerous chemicals used in mines and are not only inhaled leading to lung diseases, however, are also in direct contact with the skin of the miners. It usually causes skin burn instantly or slowly.

In addition to chemicals, miners usually are faced with small electric jolts. These electric currents are likely to turn into big ones leading to death or otherwise, these can cause skin diseases like skin cancer. These electrocutions also cause the weakening of the nerves inside our body and eventually can cause paralysis or nerves weakness.