Even Hollywood is Making Money Mining

Hollywood has made a number of movies, over the years, depicting mining and the life that is associated with that profession. And, if mining is your career, or interest, you may have seen some of these mining movies. However, not everyone is as well informed as you are and that’s why we are revealing the fact that even Hollywood is making money mining. Well, actually, they are just making money off mining movies, but some of them are worth the watch.

Even Hollywood is Making Money Mining

FlixList Canada can tell you which of these movies are available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. All you have to do is visit the site we linked to, and search for the movie you want to watch. If it is available on Netflix, then FlixList will tell you. Otherwise, you will probably have to do some YouTube and other video provider searches for the movies on the list we are about to provide.

Great Mining Movies

In truth, mining might not seem like a topic that would garner a lot of interest in the film-making world. However, the mining life includes heroes and villains, adventure and danger. These are great elements for movies. So, our research shows that there are some worthy mining movies out there. We hope that you can appreciate the mining movies on this list:

  1. The Treasure of Sierra Madre- Humphrey Bogart and Walter Houston have major roles in this movie. Houston’s character explains, in depth, why gold is costly, basing it on the number of people who seek, bleed, and die for it when only 1 in 1000 ever finds anything worth much.
  2. There will be Blood- The lead character in this film gets rich while mining gold. Of course, the rest of the movie is focused on black gold: oil. Learn more.
  3. North Country- Charlize Theron stars in this movie that is inspired by real-life events. It’s a sexual harassment case against a mining company.
  4. Coal Miner’s Daughter- Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones tell the story of Loretta Lynn’s life in this film about her rise from poverty to fame. She was, indeed, a coal miner’s daughter.
  5. King Solomon’s Mines- Released in 1950, the movie is about a missing explorer, lost in Africa, while seeking a diamond mine. Read this.
  6. Galaxy Quest- This one’s kind of a joke, but there is a scene in which an alien mining colony is about to get robbed of their space rocks. Tim Allen plays the thieving captain.
  7. The Mine- Herein, we have the much expected horror movie about an abandoned and haunted mine.
  8. Beneath- Having a woman underground during a mining excavation ends up being bad luck for those involved, just as many expected.
  9. How Green was My Valley- Directed by John Ford in 1941, this movie is all about a Welsh mining family, the Morgans. Though it is a fictional movie, it gets is basis from Gilfach Goch.
  10. Blood Diamond- Blood diamonds are those that have been mined in the midst of war zones. They are then sold to pay for the wars and have been known to profit diamond companies and warlords worldwide. Watch.

Finding great movies about mining is certainly a challenge. But, we have presented you with 10 great options that we hope will enlighten you about this field.